Moments that Matter

Moments that Matter are opportunities to surprise and delight an employee and make them feel all warm and gooey towards their employer.

Moments that Matter template

Moments that Matter should be peppered throughout the Employee Lifecycle. They may be viewed by some as the ‘soft stuff’ but they really are critical points in the Employee Lifecycle that will have a huge effect on the EX and therefore employee satisfaction. 

We can support you to plan your Moments that Matter across the Employee Lifecycle and assist in ensuring that these are as consistent as possible across the organisation. Not everything has to be a Moment that Matters… focus on defining where expectations and/or emotions are high and match or, hopefully, exceed them. Effectively delivering these moments will boost engagement, brand loyalty and retention.

What will you get from this?

  • A completed Moments that Matter template which you can share with your employees and on your talent attraction platforms
  • If desired, we can produce the artwork

How much does it cost and how long will it take?

  • We can offer flexible packages where we can design and produce the finished artwork for you. To give some examples:
  • We helped an organisation to define their Moments that Matter for a cost of £2,500
  • We helped an organisation to define their Moments that Matter and designed the artwork for a cost of £4,500

Download the full EXO toolkit

The Moments That Matter template is part of our free to download EXO Toolkit. You can get it here.

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Kay Harper
Kay Harper
Employee Engagement Manager

Nicholas helped us to kick off our employee experience work at our away day - it was invaluable to have an expert shape initial engagement with the team rather than me leading as I was just learning myself! It wasn’t just about the workshop though as there was wrap-around support to ensure we brought the team with us on what employee experience is and how to do it well and how we might move forwards on next steps, such as an initial presentation and teaser video in advance of the workshop.

As a result of the workshop and follow-up guidance, plus generously sharing some helpful excerpts from the Brand Experiences book, we worked as a team to define our employee journey, the moments that matter and our target areas for improvement. We’ve now kickstarted a piece of work to re-design onboarding and people from across the team are involved.

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