Employee Surveys

Employee Surveys are a quick and useful way to obtain employee sentiment. They shouldn't be the only employee voice mechanism within an organisation - but if you ask the right questions, you can glean a lot from them.

Our approach to Employee Surveys differs to other consultancies. We don't have a set of standard questions - we work with the organisation to build a set of impactful questions. Also, we encourage organisations to focus upon measuring the ensuing actions rather than focusing upon the overall satisfaction figure.

What will you get from this?

  • A set of bespoke questions, relevant to your organisation
  • A full findings report, with recommendations for future improvements
  • Support with the action planning process
  • If required, we can present the results to your leadership team

How much does it cost and how long will it take?

We can offer flexible packages where we can work with you on as many Employee Surveys as you desire. To give some examples:

  • We produced a one-off Pulse Survey for an organisation and provided the full report for a cost of £3,000
  • On an ongoing basis, we provide two Pulse Surveys per year to an organisation with full reports and support with the action planning for a cost of £10,000

Typically, the whole process for the discussions around what questions to ask and the production of the survey would take around 1-2 weeks. We aim to produce the report within 1-2 weeks of the survey closing.

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Andy Macleod
Andy Macleod
Director and Lead Consultant
Comma Partners

Here at Comma, our network of IC, HR and employee engagement specialists were keen to understand what EX is all about and the potential career path into it. With Nicholas being a leading voice in EX and co-author of one of the most popular books in this space, we knew he’d lead a brilliant session for us in 2023 – and he did. If you’re an organisation investing in EX, I’d highly recommend a conversation with Nicholas.

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