Employer Brand

An Employer Brand will outline a positive set of expectations and assumptions of what it’s like to work at an organisation. It supports efforts to differentiate the organisation in the labour market; enabling them to attract, recruit, retain and engage the right people. It also helps to keep existing employees motivated and engaged.

Clearly, your brand story needs to be authentic. A brand launched by a multi-millionaire cannot base its story around 'humble beginnings' (as so many brand stories do). It should be based on the truth and enable customers and employees to get a clear sense of the values of your company.

We can work with you to undertake the research, come up with recommendations, and produce deliverables such as artworks and videos.

What will you get from this?

  • A bespoke Employer Brand playbook
  • Employer Brand films
  • Employer Brand images and artworks
  • Employer Brand messaging

How much does it cost and how long will it take?

We can offer flexible packages where we can either create all of the content as well as undertaking the research or you can provide some or all of the content. To give an example:

  • We produced a Employer Brand for an organisation, which included the research, content, videos and artworks for a cost of £20,000

Typically, the whole process would take around 4-6 weeks.

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