Employee Journey Mapping

Employee Journey Maps are at the heart of the Employee Experience. They are key to understanding existing experiences and identifying where improvements can be made.

Employee Lifecycle map

Before you can truly understand how to improve an Employee Journey, you need to understand the current situation, so it is important to map the current Employee Journey in detail first. Journey mapping allows us to create a visual representation of an employee’s experience at that point in their Employee Lifecycle. We can support you to examine the existing journey and then with improvement initiatives – utilising our tools such as Employee Archetypes, Empathy Maps and Stop, Start, Change, Continue canvases.

Too often, employee journeys are ‘pass the parcel’. A person or a team do their bit, then it’s over to another. This can make the experience disjointed and often conflicting information is given. This is why it’s vital to have a process for EX improvements that flows from one journey to another.

 As our approach is ‘from the people, for the people’, you can be sure that any new experiences you map will hit the right note with your colleagues which is vital for successful adoption.

What will you get from this?

  • A single or a series of defined Employee Journey Maps
  • Support with the implementation
  • A process for how to track and measure improvement initiatives.
  • If desired, a ‘train the trainer’ approach; where we work with you for a few maps and then leave you to it

How much does it cost and how long will it take?

We can offer flexible packages where we can work with you on as many Employee Journey Maps as you desire. To give some examples:

  • We helped an organisation to define and implement two Employee Journey Maps for a cost of £3,500
  • We offer ongoing support to an organisation to define and implement Employee Journey Maps for a cost of £1,000 per day

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Kay Harper
Kay Harper
Employee Engagement Manager

Nicholas helped us to kick off our employee experience work at our away day - it was invaluable to have an expert shape initial engagement with the team rather than me leading as I was just learning myself! It wasn’t just about the workshop though as there was wrap-around support to ensure we brought the team with us on what employee experience is and how to do it well and how we might move forwards on next steps, such as an initial presentation and teaser video in advance of the workshop.

As a result of the workshop and follow-up guidance, plus generously sharing some helpful excerpts from the Brand Experiences book, we worked as a team to define our employee journey, the moments that matter and our target areas for improvement. We’ve now kickstarted a piece of work to re-design onboarding and people from across the team are involved.

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