Employee Lifecycle Development

To define the potential scope of your Employee Experience (EX) activities over the long term, the place to start is to define the overall Employee Lifecycle.

The Employee Lifecycle encompasses every interaction between an employee and an organisation, which covers a huge number of processes, journeys and experiences.

Publishing this internally will help define the terminology used for the different stages in the lifecycle as well as helping people realise that the EX starts before an employee’s first day and goes on after they have left the organisation. After all, you want to attract talent, maintain brand loyalty, and attract sales from ex-employees. Most organisations obsess over the Customer Lifecyle, and so they should over the Employee Lifecyle.

Find me, Hire me, on-board me, Instruct me, support me, develop me, off-board me, remember me

We can support you to define each stage and to discuss them in-depth. The Employee Lifecycle is also a great tool to help prioritise where to start either based on where the biggest issues lie or where you believe you can have the biggest impact. Who doesn’t like a quick win?!

Employee Lifecycles help to focus on the importance of the different stages of an employee’s journey at an organisation. Like your best customers, you want to surprise and delight employees regularly to maintain brand loyalty. If the focus is all about talent attraction, then employees are likely to soon become unmotivated as they may well feel they’ve simply been through a window dressing stage. And at the other end of the Lifecycle, if you cut employees off once they decide to move on, you may be missing out on future sales and colleague referrals.

What will you get from this?

  • A defined employee lifecycle which you can share with your employees and on your talent attraction platforms
  • If desired, we can produce the artwork

How much does it cost and how long will it take?

We can offer flexible packages where we can design and produce the finished artwork for you. To give some examples:

  • We helped an organisation to define their employee lifecycle for a cost of £1,000
  • We helped an organisation to define their employee lifecycle and designed the artwork for a cost of £2,000

The process shouldn't take more than two weeks end-to-end.

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Kay Harper
Kay Harper
Employee Engagement Manager

Nicholas helped us to kick off our employee experience work at our away day - it was invaluable to have an expert shape initial engagement with the team rather than me leading as I was just learning myself! It wasn’t just about the workshop though as there was wrap-around support to ensure we brought the team with us on what employee experience is and how to do it well and how we might move forwards on next steps, such as an initial presentation and teaser video in advance of the workshop.

As a result of the workshop and follow-up guidance, plus generously sharing some helpful excerpts from the Brand Experiences book, we worked as a team to define our employee journey, the moments that matter and our target areas for improvement. We’ve now kickstarted a piece of work to re-design onboarding and people from across the team are involved.

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