If actions speak louder than words...

...what do your's say about your business?


It is a familiar idiom, but it could not be more relevant than in the context of brand experience. Businesses can spin whatever tale they like in marketing collateral and press releases, but if the genuine experience they deliver does not match their promises, they will quickly lose trust and customers. With the cost of securing new customers relatively high for most businesses, the only way to ensure healthy, sustainable profits is to gain brand loyalty by ensuring that customers keep buying and, even better, spread the word to their own contacts. This can only be achieved by delivering the best possible customer experience.

... if the genuine experience delivered does not match the promise, they will quickly lose trust...

The most successful form of marketing has been proven time and time again to be reviews, referrals and recommendations. People trust people. Prospects come pre-warmed and ready to do business, meaning the cost of acquisition is reduced dramatically as is the length of the sales cycle.

The same story applies when it comes to new recruits. A referral from an existing staff member is much cheaper than paying agency fees and has a much better chance of a successful outcome. The flip side is that staff will only recommend a business if they truly believe it is a great employer. Focusing on the brand experience that is delivered to prospects, customers, employees and recruitment candidates makes a great deal of sense, as it is the most satisfying and cost-effective way to grow your business. 

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