Who comes first, customers or employees?

2 Minutes
The first decision is where to start...

Business owners know that customers and employees are their most valuable assets but is one more important than the other? Which group should they focus on?

The simple answer is both as, in most cases, it is impossible to deliver an excellent customer experience without engaged, motivated and committed employees.

Assuming that the resource to do everything at once is not available, the best way to prioritise is to focus on a specific customer journey. Take for example, a trade counter sale or online purchase and identify the individuals that interact with the customer as they move through the experience. As the number of customer journeys that are identified increases, the number of employees involved in the process also rises.

This approach delivers maximum results with minimal disruption to the workforce and day-to-day operations and still creates internal champions for the continuous improvement of the brand experience.

How to build a brand

Successful brands are built by analysing the purpose, vision, personality, positioning and values of an organisation, then distilling them into a promise that encapsulates a unique benefit for the customer.

It's time to get in the know.
How to build a brand

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