What is your brand story?

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We all remember great stories

People remember great stories. And they get re-told. How they are re-told has changed over time. For example, Cinderella has been traced back to ancient Greek times and the re-telling has changed from verbally, to books, to audio, to films, to digital. In recent years, brands have cottoned onto the importance of storytelling; and it’s now a vital part of the marketing mix.

How to create your brand story
Clearly, your brand story needs to be authentic. A brand launched by a multi-millionaire cannot base its story around 'humble beginnings' (as so many brand stories do). It should be based on the truth and enable customers and employees to get a clear sense of the values of your company. When plotting a brand story, you need to strip it back to the fundamentals:

Why did you start the business?
What is your purpose?
How do you contribute to your environment?
What do you want your audience to feel about your brand?
How will you identify with consumers?

How to tell your brand story
Traditional media such as billboards and ads in newspapers still have their place; but many companies now have a ‘digital first’ marketing strategy. It’s no wonder, as digital is relatively low cost, and if you have the right brand story, it will be swiftly shared far and wide. 

Our top 5 brand story tips:

Go where your audience is – how do they consume information?
Be visual – let your audience ‘see’ who you are and what you offer
Make it shareable – let your advocates be your marketeers
Ensure that your brand story is communicated consistently, across all channels – don’t change it!
Appear transparent – consumers like to feel like they have privileged ‘behind the scenes’ access. Share your experiences and create a bond

Purchasing decisions are no longer purely based on price or good deals; modern consumers are choosing brands which they identify with. Stories create emotional connections — and these connections can turn people into customers. So, make sure you’re telling a compelling brand story.

How to build a brand

Successful brands are built by analysing the purpose, vision, personality, positioning and values of an organisation, then distilling them into a promise that encapsulates a unique benefit for the customer.

It's time to get in the know.
How to build a brand

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