EXclusive News – November 2023

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Welcome to the latest edition of EXclusive News, produced by Brand Experiences.


This month we share some of our services to power you into 2024, discuss how you motivate a Builder, explain the importance of the UN’s SDGs, and more! We’re EXcited to bring you this newsletter and if you find it useful, do share it with your networks.

Supporting you in 2024 and beyond

We have a wide range of services that support the four things we care most about: Culture, Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Sustainability. Here’s a taster of three of them which you may wish to consider for 2024.


Culture Assessment: Every organisation is unique, and so are its cultural dynamics. Our Culture Assessment is customisable to fit the specific needs and context of your organisation, whether it's a small start-up or a multinational corporation. Let us help you uncover the essence of your organisation’s culture and support you towards fostering a workplace that thrives on positivity, productivity, and alignment. Find out more.

Film & Video Production: There is overwhelming evidence that video is the most effective medium for both online and social media platforms. Just consider the popularity of YouTube and TikTok. Yet, despite this, very few businesses have been able to take full advantage of this powerful and engaging medium. Like most things in business, the key to a successful outcome is proper planning and preparation. Each film we produce will have a very specific message, targeted at a specific audience, that in turn will increase its effectiveness and produce better outcomes. Find out more.

Mojo: Our motivation platform drives productivity, boosts wellbeing and builds resilience. It helps organisations to get the best out of their people, by helping them to get the most out of their work. Mojo unlocks lost productivity and improves the ROI on what for most organisations is their biggest investment—their people. It not only benefits employees, but managers, organisations and the all-important customer. Find out more.

You can view the whole range of our current services on our website.

Mojo Motivator of the month – The Builder

The Builder

There are nine recognised intrinsic motivators. This month we focus upon ‘The Builder’.

Builders need material satisfactions, money and a high standard of living. They're also competitive and like to achieve their goals.

If you have employees for which the above resonates, then you may wish to consider the following motivation strategies on an individual, team or organisation-wide basis.

Individual (What they can proactively do)

  • Set clear goals and link them to rewards, especially financial ones
  • Remember: to earn more, learn more - so enrolling on relevant training can support the achievement of goals
  • Enter competitions, at work or elsewhere, with good prizes; this will suit the competitive nature
  • Make promotion a key strategy for increasing wealth
  • Keep motivation high by self-rewarding whenever targets are reached

Team (How the manager and colleagues can support)

  • Set clear individual and team goals and link them to rewards, especially financial ones
  • Implement one-off bonuses for extraordinary efforts and achievements
  • Organise games or competitions
  • Communicate that your organisation is financially astute
  • Consider offering discounts on products and services
  • Offer extra training to enable a Builder to become even more valuable to the company

Organisation (What high-level activities can support)

  • Become goal-orientated, goal-driven, and goal-obsessed and link goals to rewards explicitly
  • If possible, pay above the average rate
  • Provide clear career paths for employees
  • Engage the competitive spirit at all levels – ensure there are rewards and prizes
  • Create referral programs to allow employees to earn more

If you’d like to understand more about intrinsic motivation, then view the mojo website or get in touch via: mojo@brandexperiences.com.

Are you aware of The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

These are 17 interlinked goals, providing a holistic roadmap to address the world's most pressing challenges, with the aim of crafting a sustainable, equitable future for all by 2030. These goals should serve as our guiding light, steering nations, communities, businesses, and individuals towards sustainable progress. Yet, many organisations are unaware that they exist - despite being adopted unanimously by all United Nations Member States in 2015.

If you're interested in charting a path to a brighter, more equitable future, then we urge you to get on-board with the SDGs and join hands with millions across the globe. Read this summary article for more information.


Employee Experience EXplained

If you haven’t already done so, do check out this ongoing video series, delivered by our Employee Experience Director, Nicholas Wardle. Fresh videos in November include:

  • What is Employee Journey Mapping?
  • Why do we need Empathy Maps?
  • Why do we need Employee Archetypes?

You can view the series via YouTube or by following Nicholas on LinkedIn.

EX Explained

EX industry useful reports – November 2023

Just in case you missed them, here’s a round-up of some recent reports we think you may find useful. This month we feature reports from pwc, the Institute of Internal Communication, and Qualtrics.

You can stay up-to-date with all things EX by following Brand Experiences on LinkedIn or via our website.

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