Welcome to the experience era

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Why you need to embrace it

As the name suggests, Brand Experiences was established to help businesses compete and win in the experience era, but what is it and why should organisations embrace it?

Whether we like it or not, business is now conducted in a digital first, online and mobile world where it is easy to shop around and buyers expect and demand an effective online experience and will quickly move on if they do not get it.

With up to 85% of the buying process happening online, potential customers expect to be able to not just find but also evaluate products and companies online before they even engage with a sales team. This means that the customer or prospect experience is the key driver of competitive advantage and sales success right up until the last 15% of the buyer's journey. This is the experience era.

The good news, particularly for SME’s and Mid Market companies, it that the tools and knowledge to create and deliver outstanding brand experiences are both readily available and no longer only affordable by big corporations. This allows forward thinking businesses to take advantage of their greater agility to steal a march on bigger competitors.

Welcome to Brand Experiences—we look forward to helping you compete and win in the experience era!

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