EXclusive News – April 2024

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Welcome to the latest edition of EXclusive News, produced by Brand Experiences.


Welcome to the latest edition of EXclusive News, brought to you by Brand Experiences. This month we spotlight three of our super services, focus upon ‘The Expert’, share a mini case study and more. We’re EXcited to bring you this newsletter and if you find it useful, do share it with your networks.

Our Culture, Customer Experience, Employee Experience and Sustainability support offerings

We have a wide range of services that support the four things we care most about. Here’s three of them which you may wish to consider.

4 Things

Brand Experience Audit: Your Brand Experience is how you interact and engage with your customers, employees, prospects, and candidates now.  Every business already has one - whether you consciously think about it or not. If you're not - then you should! Our BX audit covers:

  • The brand
  • The message
  • The Customer Experience
  • Talent Attraction & Candidate Experience
  • The Content

Let's build your brand together. Find out more.

Employee Lifecycle Development: To define the potential scope of your EX activities over the long term, the place to start is to define the overall Employee Lifecycle. This encompasses every interaction between an employee and an organisation, which covers a huge number of processes, journeys and experiences. We can support you to define each stage and to discuss them in-depth. Most organisations obsess over the Customer Lifecyle, and so they should over the Employee Lifecyle. After all, you want to attract talent, maintain brand loyalty, and attract sales from ex-employees. Find out more.

Pillar-Based Marketing: This is a cutting-edge content strategy that revolves around creating comprehensive, central pieces of content (pillar pages) linked to related, more detailed content (cluster content). This interconnected structure not only improves your SEO performance but also provides your audience with a more integrated and informative experience, which will drive engagement, enhance SEO, and elevate your brand's online presence. Find out more.

You can view the whole range of our current services on our website.

Mojo motivator of the month – The Expert

The Expert

There are nine recognised intrinsic motivators. This month we focus upon ‘The Expert’.

Experts are a valuable asset to the organisation, possessing superior knowledge and skills that set them apart from other employees. They excel at providing guidance and support to both customers and colleagues, and their expertise is highly sought after. The Expert enjoys sharing their mastery through seminars and training sessions, leaving participants with new insights and knowledge.

If you have employees for which the above resonates, then you may wish to consider the following motivation strategies on an individual, team or organisation-wide basis.

Individual (What they can proactively do)

  • Create their own Personal Development Plan that enables them to structure and anticipate their learning
  • Volunteer both to be mentored by someone who is a greater expert than themselves, and also to mentor others to enable their development
  • Make sure, insist even, that their appraisal discussions not only include goal setting, but also training opportunities to help them achieve organisational and personal goals
  • Ensure they get trained on having coaching skills – increasingly necessary in today’s workplace

Team (How the manager and colleagues can support)

  • Ensure an excellent induction programme for new Expert team members - a good start is likely to keep the Expert hooked
  • Flag up learning opportunities over the next year for the team and individuals within it - show them the overall development plan and what’s on it for them
  • Use mentoring opportunities
  • Invest in e-learning packages – technical, interpersonal and managerial – to enable staff to carry on learning 24/7
  • Give members of the team the opportunity to attend courses during the day, particularly if working for a degree level type of qualification
  • Ask Experts within the team to share their learning experience - ask them to cascade their learning, especially after external courses

Organisation (What high-level activities can support)

  • Ensure Continuing Professional Development is core to all activities
  • Make your staff induction process second to none
  • Create an internal mentoring system
  • Use appraisals to link new objectives with new development opportunities
  • Shape the work environment to become a learning environment

If you’d like to understand more about intrinsic motivation, then view the mojo website or get in touch via: mojo@brandexperiences.com.

Maximising Ellis Jones' mojo

Recognised as The Times Best Law Firms 2020 and The Legal 500 Top Tier 2022, the firm adopted mojo to facilitate non-hierarchical manager-employee conversations. Employee feedback has been positive, leading to plans for deeper integration of mojo with regular check-ins every three months. Customisation of motivation strategies is also on the agenda to align with the firm's unique vision, values, and culture. Read the mini case study.

Ellis Jones

EX industry useful reports – April 2024

Just in case you missed them, here’s a round-up of some recent reports we think you may find useful. This month we feature reports from MarketsandMarkets, People Management and ET HR World.

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