Maximising Ellis Jones' mojo

Recognised as The Times Best Law Firms 2020 and The Legal 500 Top Tier 2022, the firm adopted "mojo," an upgraded version of Motivational Maps, to facilitate non-hierarchical manager-employee conversations.

Mojo's modern interface allows the firm to effectively track individual and team-level changes in employee motivation. The partners aim to create a positive working environment, encouraging employees to take responsibility for their motivation and productivity using mojo.

Already familiar with Motivational Maps, Ellis Jones found mojo's online portal enhanced the user experience, making it easier to view and track results and action plans. The platform's impact has been significant, harnessing the potential of all 170 employees and providing managers with valuable insights into team dynamics and performance.

Employee feedback has been positive, leading to plans for deeper integration of mojo with regular check-ins every three months. Customization of motivation strategies is also on the agenda to align with the firm's unique vision, values, and culture.

Kate Brooks, a Partner, recommends mojo for its human-centered approach to managing and motivating people.

Mojo delivers a number of unique benefits for any organisation that cares about its employees.
These include:
<li>Improved employee motivation, wellbeing and resilience</li>
<li>Sustainable productivity growth</li>
<li>Talent attraction & retention</li>
<li>Better customer service</li>
<li>The Human Energy Transition<br>
(from Extrinsic to Intrinsic motivation)</li>

Mojo is our online employee motivation platform that drives productivity, wellbeing and resilience

Mojo delivers a number of unique benefits for any organisation that cares about its employees. These include:
  • Improved employee motivation, wellbeing and resilience
  • Sustainable productivity growth
  • Talent attraction & retention
  • Better customer service
  • The Human Energy Transition
    (from Extrinsic to Intrinsic motivation)
Nigel Smith
Nigel Smith
Managing Partner & Solicitor
Ellis Jones Solicitors LLP

1:1 meetings can be awkward for the person being reviewed and for the reviewer. Mojo adds some objectivity to reviews and allows otherwise difficult discussions to take place without them feeling personal. The Mojo tool adds a different dimension to reviews and can also be good fun.

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