The Book

In November 2019 we created the Employee Experience Opportunity in partnership with the Institute of Internal Communication. Our mission was for the employee experience to have parity with the customer experience. The key to achieving this aim is helping organisations to understand and prove the ROI for investing in their people.

The book, Monetising the Employee Experience, was published in April 2021 with the aim of showing how to:

  • Build the business case for investing in the employee experience
  • Demonstrate why the ROI for EX is bigger and more easily realised than CX
  • Understand the relationship between motivation and productivity
  • Calculate how much more productive and profitable your organisation could be with a more motivated workforce
  • Use the EXO Toolkit to deliver a great employee experience

We feel that investing in the employee experience is a win:win:win.

  • Employees win, as they have a more enjoyable and fulfilling work life
  • Customers win, as they will be served by motivated and happy employees
  • Businesses win, as they benefit from increased employee productivity and customer satisfaction


Monetising the Employee Experience

So, it’s not: ‘Can you afford to invest in the employee experience?’, it’s: ‘Can you afford not to?’.

The book is available on Amazon and via other booksellers.

Here’s what people are saying about the book

With so many competing interests vying for corporate budgets, it is refreshing to see a compelling connection between employee experience and the bottom line. This book makes the business case in a way that should force every CEO to sit up and take notice. I thoroughly recommend it!

Bert P, Amazon customer

This is both an insightful and educational read. The motivation of an employee is key to any successful business and can be undervalued. This really identifies the benefits to both employer and employee. Mike Sharples and Nicholas Wardle should be saluted for providing knowledge and 'how' investing in an employee can make any business more productive and enjoyable.

Graham Hale, Amazon customer

Every business leader should read and fully digest this very well written book if they really want to understand that employees are their key to a successful company.

Amanda Holden, Amazon customer