Engaging Leaders Programme (Past Event)

This is a past event
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Our Head of Performance Management, Steve Jones, led this programme. Contact us if you'd like to see if we can run something similar for you.

The best places to work are where the employees are engaged and that is only achieved by great leadership.

That is why the EM3 Growth Hub has teamed up with Steve Jones with an exclusive offer to join his tried and tested Engaging Leaders Programme.

There are 20 fully funded places exclusively for businesses in the EM3 region, covering north and central Hampshire, and west Surrey.

These places, valued at £1,500 each, come at no cost to you, with the first cohort starting the programme on Thursday 30 November, with our second cohort expected to start in January 2024.

This valuable interactive programme spans four comprehensive live six hour modules over approximately three months all to be held in Basingstoke covering:

Module 1: Vision and Strategy 

Module 2: Understanding Yourself & Your Team 

Module 3: Mindset & Leadership Style 

Module 4: Managing Change and Performance

After completing the programme, you should be equipped with tools and strategies to not only grow your business but also foster a team of engaged and motivated individuals.

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