Employee Experience Audits

A vital people tool


You audit your finances, you audit your stock... but what about your people?

When was the last time you went beyond employee surveys to discover how effective your employee experiences are?

Employee Surveys have their place, as they can indicate satisfaction levels, but they're a limited snapshot. If you truly want to start to improve the working lives and performance of your employees then you need to have a deeper exploration of what your people are thinking, feeling and doing. That involves an Employee Experience Audit.

What does it involve?

Our Employee Experience Audits are all EARS:

  • Empathise: Understand the EX landscape at the organisation by talking to those responsible for EX and reviewing employee data and surveys, organisational aims etc.
  • Ascertain: Conduct employee interviews and surveys which get to the heart of their experiences, and conduct a gap analysis.
  • Recommend: Once all the evidence is in and understood, to work with the organisation on making recommendations for improvements, utilising our EX Toolkit.
  • Strategy: We can support with either reshaping an existing strategy or writing a new one.

What will you get out of the audit?

  • Compelling evidence of how your employees truly view your organisation.
  • Knowledge of what’s going right and what needs improving.
  • Increased buy-in and engagement from employees – as they feel a part of the improvement journey.
  • Experience of utilising best-in-practice EX tools, which will affect improvements.
  • A roadmap for continuous EX improvements.

Our approach

We’re certainly not the kind of consultancy who comes in with a set of fixed ideas, delivers exactly what we have done elsewhere, then exits. We firmly believe that people who actually do the work know and understand it the best, so our approach is to work with the in-house team and garner as much information from across the organisation as possible before making bespoke recommendations. Of course, any recommended actions will be aligned with the overall organisational strategy.

Our methodologies

Back in 2019 we created the Employee Experience Opportunity, in partnership with the Institute of Internal Communication. This involved conducting some research, publishing the results, and then creating the EXO Toolkit. The tools which we would leverage during the Recommend phase, are briefly explained below.

EX Toolkit

When focusing upon the strategy, we would utilise our BASICS methodology:


Obtaining senior leadership buy-in

A very important aspect is to obtain senior leadership buy-in for any future EX initiatives. Once we have all the evidence and employee sentiment, and have worked with the in-house team to make recommendations, we’re very happy to support with presenting the business case for improvements to senior leadership.

How much does it cost and how long will it take?

It depends upon the size and scale of the organisation and the urgency. We can offer flexible packages where we are more ‘hands on’ or ‘hands off’. Contact us for more details.

How do I get started?

Simply email sales@brandexperiences.com and we’ll be in touch.

Remember, it’s not ‘can you afford to invest in EX?’ it’s ‘can you afford not to?’