Brand experience audit

Your Brand Experience is not optional. Every business already has one.

It is how you interact and engage with your customers, employees, prospects and candidates now.
Senior executives and business owners need to consider the following questions in relation to their brand experiences:

  • Do they reflect the brand we want to project?
  • Are they delivering the results we want?
  • Are they as good as they can be?

If the answer to any of these is ‘No’ or even ‘Maybe’ or ‘I Don’t Know’ then you should consider a Brand Experience Audit which will provide an answer to these questions along with actionable insights on how to make improvements as appropriate.
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The Brand Experience Audit covers the following:

The brand
Identity – does the business have a clear and consistent identity
Purpose – is there a clearly identifiable purpose
Vision and values – do they exist and are they clear
Story – is there an engaging brand story

The message
Is there a compelling proposition
Is there thought leadership
What is the tone of voice
Is the message personalised for different audiences / industries

The Customer Experience
Website – review user experience and conversion mechanisms
Social – what channels and how effective
Search visibility / findability
Reviews & Validation

Talent Attraction & Candidate Experience
Is there an Employer brand and Employee Value Proposition
Are job listings compelling and differentiated
Review of candidate experience (to apply)
Glassdoor – employer reputation

The Content
Review of core content
Is video used and effective
Does content exist for all stages of the prospect journey – attract / nurture / convert

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Brand Experience Audit