What Employee Experience jobs are available?

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Interested in a career in EX?

Employee Experience (EX) is a hot topic across organisations now and many are beginning to invest in EX resources.

What is Employee Experience?

"The entire relationship between employee and employer, including:
how the employer treats their employees, how the relationship evolves,
the work environment, the culture both parties operate in, and the
tools provided to get the job done. It encompasses every interaction and
touchpoint with the organisation and its stakeholders at every stage of
the Employee Lifecycle."

What does an Employee Experience professional do?

In short, they strive to enable employees to have even more good days at work. They will focus upon improving the culture and driving productivity.

Employee Experience activities

EX professionals are likely to be involved in tasks such as:

  • Developing an EX strategy
  • Undertaking an EX audit
  • Defining the Employee Lifecycle
  • Defining the Moments that Matter
  • Building Employee Journey Maps
  • Creating ways to measure the success of EX
  • Bringing an EX lens to other areas of the organisation
  • Driving productivity initiatives
  • Enhancing the Employer Brand
  • Boosting the culture
  • Supporting efforts such as Employee Voice, Wellbeing & Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Employee Experience roles

The following are common EX roles:

  • Employee Experience Assistant
  • Employee Experience Manager
  • Head of Employee Experience
  • Director of Employee Experience
  • Chief People Officer
  • Employee Experience Consultant

What Employee Experience courses are available?

If you’re unsure what EX entails, how to build the business case for it, how to get started with your EX efforts, or what tools are on offer to create good-to-great experiences, then we currently offer three courses to support you:

Contact mojo@brandexperiences.com for more details and to book.

For more Employee Experience definitions, view this page.

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