Employee Experience industry useful reports – June 2024

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Here’s links to recent reports we’ve come across that we’ve found interesting and some of our key takeaways from them.

Build a great culture and employees are 90% less likely to think about leaving

SHRM's report The Case for Employee Experience highlights that EX supports with improving recruitment and retention, profit margins, and other organisational outcomes.

Top takeaways:

  • 46% of HR professionals sampled ranked EX as a top two HR priority; 36% of workers did likewise - So, it's clear that EX is important to both HR and employees
  • HR and workers sampled list 'the work that you do' as the highest influence on EX - Employees need to be given the right tools to do their job properly
  • HR and workers sampled ranked these features of workplace culture as the four most important: feeling you are part of a team, feeling a sense of purpose, feeling you are fairly treated, feeling valued - Give employees a north star, focus upon team building and lead with integrity
  • As EX satisfaction scores improve, engagement and satisfaction rise and turnover intent declines - To impress senior leaders, it's important to measure cold hard cash and measure sickness and turnover reasoning, to display the ROI of an effective EX
  • Employees who rate their organisational culture as “good” or “excellent” are 90% less likely to think about leaving - People will always leave for higher salaries and promotions but a good-to-great culture will stop people making sideways outbound moves

The relationships between employees and organisations are much like the relationships between humans – if you feel valued, secure, and cared for, you’re much more likely to maintain that relationship.

Link to report: https://www.shrm.org/topics-tools/news/employee-relations/measure-employee-experience-satisfaction-shrm-report

AI delivers gains on employee experience

A new survey from Slack of more than 10,000 desk workers around the globe reveals that AI is improving productivity.

Top takeaways:

  • 80% of those using AI say that it's already improving their productivity – This stat needs some serious attention… who wouldn’t want to increase productivity?
  • 1 in 4 desk workers report trying AI tools for work as of January 2024, compared with 1 in 5 as of September 2023 - AI in and of itself won't take your jobs but someone who uses it may well!
  • Desk workers report spending 41% of their time on tasks that are “low value, repetitive or lack meaningful contribution to their core job functions.” - This is a clear opportunity for AI to help desk workers refocus their energy away from the “work of work” and toward more high-value activities

AI is an opportunity to reshape roles to focus on more fulfilling work. An irony is that technology can provide support for employees to focus on being ‘more human’ by focusing less on repetitive data-driven tasks.

Link to report: https://slack.com/blog/news/new-slack-research-shows-accelerating-ai-use-at-work

From employee experience to human experience

In an interview, Dimple Agarwal, Deputy CEO (UK), Managing Partner People & Purpose at Deloitte (UK and North South Europe), discusses putting meaning back into work.

Top takeaways:

  • Social and political pressures are forcing organisations to think more carefully about their brand - Organisations are under scrutiny from all-sides and there's pressure to explain how they work and who they work with
  • We now need to shift towards thinking about the human experience, which looks to improve the experience of employees by putting employees at the centre - As Dimple says, we need to focus upon what motivates employees to come to work... mojo can support with this!
  • There's a requirement to implement feedback tools which are more real-time, which actually engage employees on an ongoing basis - No more tick-box annual surveys... two-way feedback needs to be frequent and tracked
  • EX is not just a HR problem - The employee experience starts with YOU; everyone has a role to play

EX is, indeed, a strategic imperative and it’s great that big-hitters such as Deloitte are recognising its importance.

Link to report: https://www.deloitte.com/uk/en/services/consulting/perspectives/putting-meaning-back-into-work.html


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