Partnering with the Institute of Internal Communication to drive employee experience forward

About IoIC

The Institute of Internal Communication is the only professional body solely dedicated to internal communication in the UK.  They help organisations and people succeed through promoting internal communication of the highest standards.

The IoIC has been driving standards for over 70 years, by developing and supporting internal communication professionals through our qualifications, training, awards, communities, and thought leadership.

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How the partnership was formed

In 2019 Mike Sharples and Nicholas Wardle from Brand Experiences met with Jennifer Sproul, Chief Executive, Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC) to discuss their aligned passion to drive employee experience further up the agenda in organisations and give it parity to customer experience.

These conversations focussed upon how to support and empower the community of internal communication professionals to drive EX forward.

Mike and Nicholas proposed creating the Employee Experience Opportunity to provide practical solutions to empower the IC community and beyond. Jennifer was on-board with the suggestion and took the proposal to the IoIC Board, which was approved.

The EXO Roadmap

EXO Roadmap (1)

The EXO Survey

In November 2019 we launched a survey, which included 37 questions related to EX. Around 2,000 people were surveyed. We wanted some original EX research, as any good campaign is evidence-based.

Analyse and publish the results

The survey was due to close in February 2020, but we extended the deadline to August 2020 and added eight further questions related to the impact of Coronavirus.

Refine ROI model for EX

While the survey was open, we finalised our EXOpportunity Calculator™. Our desire is for EX practitioners to use this model in relation to their own organisation and show senior leaders the evidence of why it’s not ‘can they afford to invest in EX?’, but ‘can they afford not to?’.

Release EXO Toolkit

The toolkit is freely available, and can help you to create a compelling EX.

Monetising the Employee Experience

The book builds on the research from the Employee Experience Opportunity Survey 2020 and provides practical solutions that demonstrate the ROI for increased investment in looking after employees, and the positive benefits this will have, not just on employee motivation and well-being but, crucially, on productivity and performance.


Mojo delivers a number of unique benefits for any organisation with employees. These include: improved employee motivation, wellbeing and resilience, sustainable productivity growth, talent attraction & retention, better customer service, The Human Energy Transition (from Extrinsic to Intrinsic motivation.

You can read more about the EXO here.

Walking the EX talk through mojo

Jennifer and the IoIC are passionate about their message that people drive the success of organisations, so it is vital to communicate with them effectively. Employees deserve to feel that they matter, and that they are valued, kept informed, connected, and given a sense of purpose through authentic and high standard experiences.

With this in mind - and practising what they preach - the IoIC team began to use mojo, the motivation platform, to both match the employee needs mentioned and to drive productivity.

Jennifer Sproul
Jennifer Sproul
Chief Executive
Institute of Internal Communication

Using mojo has been enabled us to better understand our team dynamics and the individual motivations which led to actionable changes that have improved our employee experience. I recommend working with Brand Experiences to create positive change in your organisation.

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