Steve Jones



About Steve Jones

  • A renowned international business coach, keynote speaker, trainer, and consultant.
  • Part of the management team that fuelled the incredible growth of Fitness First PLC from one club on the South Coast of England to the largest independent health club chain in the world – all in a seven-year period.
  • Passionate about elevating companies to the pinnacle of their industries.

Steve is a renowned business coach, speaker, trainer, and consultant with a talent for creating powerful strategies that drive growth, enhance performance, and boost revenue. His deep understanding of leadership, management, team building, and motivation, sets him apart as an expert in his field.

Steve was part of the management team at Fitness First PLC, which went from a handful of health clubs to the largest Health Club Chain in the world within just seven years.

Steve is co-creator 'Mojo,' a platform that harnesses the full potential and capabilities of employees. Steve has authored two books: 'Turning on Your P.R.O.F.I.T.S. Tap' and 'Mapping Motivation for Engagement'.

Steve was also co-chair of the Government Task Force Steering Committee that looked at Employee Engagement by studying organisations that were getting it right.