Jenifer Odilon Höpfner


Jenifer Odilon Höpfner - RESEARCH & INSIGHTS MANAGER

Jenifer Odilon Höpfner, a visionary business psychologist and adept coolhunter, seamlessly blends creativity with brain insights to revolutionize Employee Experience (EX) design. Her diverse background, spanning theatre to social media, is complemented by her innate ability to spot and harness emerging trends. As the Research & Insights Manager at Brand Experiences, Jenifer not only advances the EX Opportunity but also crafts tools that resonate with the modern workforce, all while ensuring clients maximize the potential of the "mojo" platform.

Jenifer's research emphasizes the importance of designing EX 'from the people, for the people'. By keeping a pulse on social trends and understanding the intricacies of the human brain, she believes in fostering environments where creativity thrives. This commitment has proven that a well-curated EX leads to higher productivity and lower turnover, creating a win-win for both employees and the organization.