Employee Experience

EX strategy

EX Strategy

An effective EX strategy will not only drive improvements in productivity and reduce employee turnover but is also fundamental to delivering an outstanding CX.

Frictionless EX

Frictionless Employee Experience

The easier we make it for employees to be effective in their roles, the more productive they will be and the longer they are likely to stay with us. Think of it like a game of snakes and ladders where we are looking to remove all of the snakes and create as many ladders as possible.

Moments that matter

Moments that Matter

These are key moments in an employees journey where we look for opportunities to exceed expectations and delight our employees by going above and beyond.

Motivational maps

Motivational Maps

Motivation has a profound effect on our productivity and effectiveness as well as our mental health and well being. Motivational Maps help us understand what drives each individual so that we can manage and motivate them better.

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Business Transformation

Business Transformation

Many organisations are seeking significant business improvements through change and transformation programmes that rely on employee engagement and adoption to be successful. We support these initiatives to achieve quicker and better results.

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The Employee Experience Opportunity

We are on a mission to achieve parity between EX and CX. This means parity in the boardroom, parity on budgets, all driven by a clearly demonstrable ROI.

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