The Employee Experience starts with YOU

Don't wait...


If you're waiting for your organisation to announce the introduction of a new EX team or a major EX programme of events, you could be waiting some time. The best thing you can do is to kick-start EX efforts yourself, today.

EX efforts should be ongoing and largely led by the people who actually do the work. Yes, leadership sets the tone, gives permission, and sets parameters, but they shouldn't be expected to come up with every single idea.

Nor should there be a big bang EX campaign. It's agile and ever-changing and announcing that we're going to be doing something about EX is a bit like announcing we're going to be doing something related to trust. Some things you just 'do' and then highlight the successes later.

Here's five examples where a single person has come up with an idea which has then been rolled out across an entire organisation. From tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow...

  • To start meetings at five past the hour and end them at five to the hour to allow people to move to their next meeting and/or have a break in between.
  • To have people in specific roles to have different lanyards - e.g. first aiders, mental health champions.
  • To have each interviewee spend time with someone within the team in addition to the hiring manager during the interview process.
  • To have healthier options in vending machines.
  • To introduce voluntary days per year.

All the above are great ideas - all wouldn't have been implemented if someone had kept their mouth closed.

Of course, it is recommended to have employees solely responsible for EX. Like IT Project Managers, EX Managers can utilise tools and processes to affect improved experiences. If you're looking for support with this, then you download the free EX Toolkit, which includes how to create Employee Journey Maps, Empathy Maps, Employee Archetypes and more.

You’re the subject matter expert. You know your job the best. So, start suggesting improvements to EX today. Your colleagues will thank you for it.