Stop making noise and start making sense


When was the last time you undertook a thorough Internal Communications & Employee Engagement Review? As well as refreshing your IC&EE strategy every 2-3 years, you should undertake a thorough review of your audiences’ needs, your channels, and your opportunities.

As tempting and time efficient as it is to simply send a digital feedback survey around, to obtain the maximum benefit, you need to delve deep under the surface and discover what your colleagues really think. After all, it is them who are the customer here.

This is a very important process and as you only get the chance to do a review every 2-3 years, it’s vital that you ask the right questions and focus on what’s important. It can be a little uncomfortable to hear the truth and it will take some time, energy, and effort; but if a job's worth doing... The outcomes of the review will become your ‘north star’ and this clarity will enable you to stop making noise and start making sense.

It’s all about the BASICS At Brand Experiences, we’ve developed our BASICS methodology, and this offers some guiding principles for the review and to either write a fresh strategy or to critique a current strategy. Following BASICS will ensure that you'll be armed with an in-depth knowledge of the pain points and will see where the opportunities lie. We can then support you to build the business case for investment in recommendations for improvements and can act as a sounding board as you begin to implement changes.

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