How to help organisations find their mojo

There is a new way...


It's time for a better relationship between employers and employees

Join Priya Bates and Nicholas Wardle as they discuss employee experience and developing a better relationship between employers and employees.

With low productivity and engagement levels across the globe, it's clear that employees need something different to help them to get their mojo back.

Focusing on the Employee Experience is proven to improve both organizational culture and productivity, but, yet, so few organizations are investing in what they call their best asset: their people.

This webinar focusses upon some shifts in mindset required to improve the Employee Experience and introduces mojo: the motivation platform which drives productivity, boosts wellbeing, and builds resilience.

Attendees will come away from the event with an understanding of:

1. The need to move away from outdated forms of management to more modern ways

2. A tool to build the business case for investment in Employee Experience

3. The 3Es of Productivity

4. Why mojo can be a catalyst for positive change and is a manager's best friend

Event details

Friday 28 October 2022

4pm - 5.30pm



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