How EX supports the 'good work' Taylor Review

EX is integral


The Government-backed Taylor Review highlights the importance of people being treated with respect and decency at work. Here we focus upon some of the main points of the review and provide commentary on how EX can support it.

Taylor Review: While having employment is itself vital to people’s health and wellbeing, the quality of people’s work is also a major factor in helping people to stay healthy and happy, something which benefits them and serves the wider public interest.

How EX can help to tackle these points: The majority of employees want to be stretched and challenged, and to have meaningful work; by doing so, they will enhance their wellbeing. It’s not only important for people to be happy in their job, it’s equally as important to send them home happy. They do have a life outside of work.

Taylor Review: Better designed work that gets the best out of people can make an important contribution to tackling our complex challenge of low productivity.

How EX can help to tackle these points: Co-designing workflows with frontline employees will help to tackle lost productivity. Also, as the research of Brand Experiences and others shows, if you give people the right tools to do the job they will be more productive

Taylor Review: We should, as a matter of principle, want the experience of work to match the aspirations we have for modern citizenship — that people feel they are respected, trusted and enabled and expected to take responsibility.

How EX can help to tackle these points: Employees should be treated with more respect, their views heard, and they should be empowered to make more decisions

Taylor Review: The pace of change in the modern economy, and particularly in technology and the development of new business models, means we need a concerted approach to work which is both up to date and responsive and based on enduring principles of fairness.

How EX can help to tackle these points: Managing change is a hot topic for leaders and, as the results of the EXO Survey shows, employees don’t feel it is currently being done well. Coupling the right tools with a desire for employee involvement and participation should certainly be an emphasis of EX.

Click to access Good work: the Taylor Review of modern working practices.