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Introducing mojo...


Introducing mojo: the next evolution of how we manage and motivate our people

About the event

It's been a challenging few years; what with the pandemic, the cost of living crisis, hybrid working, and a general downturn in productivity and engagement levels.

Traditional methods to increase output, such carrot and stick, clearly no longer work. This webinar will outline just why it's time to switch to mojo.

What is mojo?

Mojo is the employee motivation platform that drives productivity, boosts wellbeing, and builds resilience. It’s a cloud-based platform which builds on the ISO accredited Motivational Maps to identify what is needed at an individual, team and organisational level to develop and maintain a happy and productive workforce.

Organisations using mojo should see a 50x return on investment. This is because motivated employees will:

• Be more productive

• Have less stress and mental health issues

• Make better decisions

• Go the extra mile

• Provide a better customer experience

• Be happier and more energised at work

• Take fewer sick days

• Be more innovative and creative

• Provide more support and assistance to colleagues

• Stay with their employer for longer

Attendees will come away from the event with an understanding of:

• How mojo supports productivity

• How mojo supports hybrid working

• How mojo supports talent attraction

• How mojo supports talent retention

• How mojo supports health and wellbeing

• How mojo supports change and transformation

• How mojo supports customer service

• The 3Es of Productivity

• The difference between personality and motivation

Mojo costs less than the cost of a cup of coffee per employee per week, and for this, organisations get the actionable insights they need to unleash the power of their people and create a high-performance culture. Organisations across many sectors are already utilising mojo as a differentiator, including from: Aviation, Commercial, Housing, Legal, Marketing and Professional Bodies.

With investment in the Employee Experience, it’s not ‘Can you afford to?’ it’s ‘Can you afford not to?’.

About the speakers

Mike Sharples – Chief Experience Officer, Brand Experiences

Nicholas Wardle – Head of Employee Experience, Brand Experiences

Event details

- 17 November

- 12.00-12.45

- Online

- Free

- Booking link