Employer branding

How attractive are you?


In this current 'War for Talent' it's important to make your company as attractive as possible to customers, employees and potential new hires. This doesn't just mean 'look' attractive, it also means 'be' attractive. Your employer brand should be integral to your business strategy, and should be as important as your customer-facing brand.

What is employer branding?

It starts with living your values, and is displayed through touch points such as your talent attraction portal, social media and internal communication. The focus is how you want people to feel about your company. All of your touch points should display why you are an employer of choice.

...the focus is how you want people to feel about your company...

Why is it important?

Because having strong employer branding will help attract new employees, impress customers and clients, and remind employees that they work for a great company. As you would expect, companies with actionable values and a clear sense of who they are outperform those with a more fuzzy sense of self.

What do you have to offer?

Your employee value proposition (EVP) is the 'sell' which sets you apart from the competition. What can you offer which no one else can? How can you positively influence someone to join you/remain with you?

How do you manage it?

Employer brand management focusses on the employee experience. It is how you encourage your people to live and breathe your values. Vital to this is that you are clear and consistent with your communications across all touch points. Through effective employer branding you can attract talent through your gates, give confidence to customers that they are dealing with a great company and turn employees into brand ambassadors.

The brand experience map

Brand Experience Map

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