Film Factory

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Film Factory is the in-house film production studio of Brand Experiences. We make films that create an emotional connection with your audience, which is the key to driving action. There has never been a better time to utilise film to tell your story and fast forward your growth.

Our Approach

Strategy and budget

Every business is different and requires a unique strategy that recognises their specific circumstances and objectives. Before filming, we work with you to define a film strategy that aligns with your business needs and budget, including the desired results and expected ROI, so you can be sure everyone is working towards the same goals—improving your business!

Planning and production

Informed by the film strategy, our experienced directors and producers will manage the entire process—before, during and after filming—to ensure minimum distractions to your business and deliver the best quality films. You retain creative control over the films we make for you and we won’t stop until you approve the final film for distribution.

Distribution and analytics

We focus on ensuring that your film generates the results and ROI envisaged in the strategy. This includes distribution of the film to maximise views as well as analysing the results and even making adjustments to the film if necessary to optimise performance.

Typical film types

brand story


thought leadership




The business case for film

Film statistics